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Fairy mountain

Psyche with red hair

Kleopatra the Queen

Hommage a Botticelli
(The birth of Venus)

Madona at the window

Romeo a Julie (Small tribute
to painter Komarek)

Journey to the Promisse

Black Madona

Silent light

The long Holy Christmas night

Calling of Twelve Apostles

Night of Magdalene

A flowering time

Autumn Highland song

Thanks for all the new spring

Granny's garden in May

One morning
on St.John's day

Dream of
autumn early evening

Autumn in angelic garden

Way through early spring

Dream of Zacharias

Angelic Annunciation

A joyfull visitation

Holy night


Yard of childhood memories

Blossomed night

A good shepherd

Memory of cathedral

Codex universae

The last ark

Messenger of spring in red

The last supper

New Year's scenery

New Year's trumpet

The very martyr man

A forgotten shepherd
(Hommage of Jindrich Hegr)

Silence bellow Palava
(Echoes of South Moravia)

Sun of Palava
(Echoes of South Moravia)

Autumn in the Eden garden