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Born:  1953 in Brno
Private:  Zdar nad Sazavou, Stursova 11/4, Czech Republic
Artistic studies:  
   - Private study of drawing, painting and art photography, history of art and computer graphics

Art work: 
   - painting, drawing and mixed media
   - free and design combined digi-graphics, photographics

International Awards :

Vaclav Mach-Kolacny - a painter of a soul countryside and countryside souls.
In the beginning of each „creation“, it is necessary for an author to start searching above all in himself. He must walk with open eyes as well as heart. Only then he might create „something“ being worth. Something, what may appeal to somebody else and maybe to motivate him to create other „something“. 

The Czech painter, graphic artist, designer and photographer Vaclav Mach-Kolacny lives and creates in the middle of the Czech-Moravian Highlands in Zdar nad Sazavou. Nevertheless, besides the Highlands, he considers also the whole South Moravia - from Brno, where he was born, to Palava Hills - as his second home. The countryside that he knows very well and where he often stays among his close relatives. He has attached the surname Kolacny since 1999 in remembrance of his grandfather from mother’s side Josef Kolacny, a precious man, who meant a lot for him in hischildhood.
The artist has been engaging in painting and drawing more or less continuously over three decades of years. In 80-th, he was also intensively interested in photography. But only after the year of 1990, his works were introduced step by step on lots of exhibitions and in the course of time they enter more and more into awareness of public as well as serious persons interested in art.
Works of Mach-Koláčný cannot be easily categorized into some of usual pigeonholes. He balances in the twilight zone of reality and abstracts, lightly touches renaissance as well as a modern style but he remains his own. He overcomes winding earthborn paths as well as bridges over abysses of time. He feels sometimes ten feet tall above sunny landscape, other times, he tries to look into hidden corners of human hearts, often already a little dusty. His pictures appeal feeling of a wanderer wandering along dream-paths.
Within the last decade, he extended his art activities by professional computer graphics. Besides its used form and graphic designs, he has achieved remarkable results just in free style - at transformation of his own picture and drawn patterns into next graphic interpretation by means of new media of present time. He creates here his further „soul countryside of a new generation“. Nevertheless, he does not diverge from his initially started way, he only look at true as well as dreamy reality with other view.

Nowdays, the creation of Vaclav Mach-Kolacny is possible to see in many sales galleries in the Czech Republic. Except author's exhibitions he takes part in some collective shows and he is principal in collections of some museums and galleries or of private institutions. There is also a few productions at persons interested abroad (in France, Germany, England, Netherland, Slovenia, USA, India and other). The representatives of the town Zdar nad Sazavou gave the oil painting of Vaclav Mach-Kolacny „Heritage of Zdar´s baroque“ as a present in summer 2003 to the French partner town of Cairanne in Provence.

Untill today the pivotal part of his production belongs to cycle oil painting and digi-graphics leafs „ABOUT SOLSTICE“ on motives of verses of Moravian poet by Jan Skacel and on music by musician Jiri Pavlica with famous ensemble Hradistan and two files visual cross ways „VIA CRUCIS“. One of them was farded for chapel Assumption of Virgin Mary in Ostrava-Vyskovice, graphic version the second of them was used for visual completion extensive musical project named „Syncretism“ in concert fulfilment of Southafrican conductor Rudolf de Beer on the F. Liszt‘s and J. S. Bach‘s Passions (Endler Hall, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2007).